Bay Spice House Specials

Korahi dishes are cooked with chopped onion, green pepper & tomatoes in a medium spicy sauce
which are served on hot sizzling, extra mild or hot as you require.

Chicken Tikka Paneer

A medium spice dish cooked with onions, tomato, green pepper & extra cheese

Chicken Tikka Sally

A thick sauce with medium spices & herbs, served with crisp potato fried in butter

Chicken Pasanda

A mild creamy sauce cooked with ground almond nuts & sultanas.

Lamb Pasanda

A mild creamy sauce cooked with ground almond nuts & sultanas

Tandoori Makhani

Off-the-bone spring chicken cooked in butter, yogurt & almonds in a creamy sauce

Garlic King Prawn Bhuna

King prawn cooked with fresh extra garlic, onion, tomato & coriander in a medium spice sauce

Chicken Tikka Aloo

Marinated chicken tikka & potato, medium spiced, cooked with fresh garlic, onions & tomatoes

Chicken Tikka Moricha

A fairly hot sauce, garnished with green chilli, garlic, coriander & herbs

Butter Chicken

marinated tandoori chicken, cooked into a smooth and creamy butter sauce

Garlic Tikka Paneer Jalfrezi

Marinated chicken tikka cooked with fresh extra garlic, cheese, chilli & coriander

Modhu Chicken

Marinated fillet chicken cooked with caramelized onions, spring onions & pure farm honey