Chicken Tikka Starter

Marinated in lemon yogurt, mixed with tandoori spices & cooked in the tandoori oven

Sheek Kebab Starter

Spice minced lamb, cooked over the charcoal oven on skewers

Mixed Kebab Starter

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab

Chicken Tikka Chat Starter

Medium spicy & wrapped in fried bread giving a light tangy flavour

Meat Samosa Starter

Lightly spiced mince meat covered with pastry & deep fried

Apna Pakura Starter

Chef's homemade recipe with chicken, sag & garlic ( 4 pieces in a portion)

Boti Kebab Starter

Chicken, lamb and sheek kebeb marinated in hot spices and cooked in the tandorri oven